Welcome to DPR Racing Development. Over the last 35 years Dan Paramore and his family created one of ther most recognized brand names in the business and a powerful reputation for premium quality cylinder heads and engine modifications in the market. Thank you for visiting.



DPR Racing was founded 11 years ago. Bringing together expertise from a variety of different racing disciplines, DPR's founder, Dan Paramore and his family, has created one of the most recognized brand names in the business and a powerful reputation for premium quality work in an emerging import market.

Since its founding, DPR Racing has captured literally thousands of rally, drag, auto cross, land speed records, ice racing, formula car, road car, off road racing, buggy, street and show cars championships, wins and track records world wide.  In addition to cars there are hundreds of motocross, road race, drag bikes, speedway and even off shore boat championships

high performance articles, front covers features in publications nationally and internationally, technical editorials, five books,  expo seminars, and private lectures in many countries around the world.

From grass roots racing to high end professional teams such as Toyotas, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru have been a part of the DPR blood. Dan has built over 500 cylinder heads for the dominating Toyota Racing Development team alone. .The DPR roots actually go back to the early 50`s where his father owned and raced several import cars including land speed records in a Porsche.

Racing at an early age, and picking up the love of a flow bench at age 13 and a relentless strive for improvement and perfection. As his father before Dan has personally competed won, and took land speed records and championship starting in the early 70`s. 

Dan Paramore Racing has been in the automotive performance industry for over 33 years, and has a world wide presence in the racing industry.  DPR is a fast paced company that prides themselves in high quality, high performance parts and services. Dan Paramore states "I have been in the racing business for 34 years now. It is always a challenge and learning experience. I have been blessed with a very enjoyable racing life. I love it and I hope you all can enjoy also.”