High-Velocity Valve Guides

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High-Velocity Valve Guides

High-Velocity Valve Guides

Offer you:

Reduced valve temperature
Longer guide life
Better oil control
More concentric valve seat cut
Improved valve seating
Extended seat and valve life
More protection against V2V contact
Improved airflow, higher port velocity
Smoother installation
Easier and safer to replace
Extensive instructions for installation

DPR Valve Guides for almost EVERY application!

Custom Valve Guides

 are precision-machined from high quality, manganese bronze material. They are ideal for both intake and exhaust applications, and are compatible with Stainless and Titanium Valves. For information on product applications and availability please contact customerservice@dprracing.com with details about your specific application.

Concept for the Sniper™ guides came from Dan’s work with Formula Vee racing; Great tech for your project!

Don’t forget our High-Temp valve stem seals. Order a set with your Sniper™ guides and we’ll include a spare.

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