Few Sinking Love Radar

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Few Sinking Love Radar

They said love is always worth the pain, but it doesn’t mean you need to be in pain in all your relationships; though it seems so over dramatic to say but everyone wants to love and be loved back. The funny thing about this world is that love should be given to all and it shouldn’t be that hard since it’s a natural feeling; a feeling that should actually be felt and given by everyone, but there are still people who sees being in a relationship a number one priority and tops the list of things to accomplish before they die, putting too much effort on finding the right “soulmate” or forgetting one’s worth just because they don’t want to let go. What makes it more ironic is that most people who “love” has a mantra that “love is blind” – or should I say numb?


Indeed love is a mixture of everything not and nice, like a pop rock that needs to be stingy to be enjoyed. But we are in an era of survival, no more room for martyrs (though there is some exception depending if he/she is worth that gruesome patience), it’s head over that beating, and fairytales? Well, reality isn’t that nice, it’ll slap you in the face of the bittersweet truth that not everything that starts sweet, ends sweet.


So how do you know when you are aboard a sinking ship? Here’s a little radar:


Like A Gravity Pulling You Down

So you met this man who looks like a prince, you fell in love with him and thought you’ll be having a good love story, but every story has a twist. Now this prince-like man sees you like a princess, but treats you like trash – it sounded harsh but it happens. Despite giving you all that glitters or treating you as what a partner should, when your partner starts to pull you down, humiliate you in public, call you mean words, or mock you; No, you’re not trash, wake up and know your worth. This does not only happen to women, the world has evolved so fast that even the ladies are enjoying being the antagonist. When you are not getting any better, or for the saddest possibility, always feeling down and unappreciated; the boat you’re in might be sinking soon.



When you are with the right person, things get better; it’ll never be bitter.


Pass Time Kind Of Forever

We understand that though you are partners, you have your own personal life to get busy on; but if your partner really sees you as someone they want to spend their whole life with, you occupy space on that personal life; and you are deserving of an appropriate portion of their time. If he can play his video/online games (for girls, I don’t know, maybe doing unnecessary stuffs like putting make-up on then erasing it, maybe?) but can’t call or text you its 50% sinking, but when your partner could visit its friends or go out with them but couldn’t even take you out on a date or accompany you somewhere; what are you doing on that type of relationship? The boat won’t sink but it’ll never sail. They are partners because they want to spend their moments with you; you’re not a pass-time game or hobby that they could just get back to whenever they want or feel missing. Because when they say I love you FOREVER (though the duration of that word isn’t well elaborated, let’s just say it is up to the moment of your last breathe), it is a continuous moment, it doesn’t happen once nor alternating.


One of the most beautiful perks of being loved is when you never have to feel alone despite the distance or those moments of silence… ‘coz when you have someone to love, a part of everything you do, every second you spend has something to do with that person.


Love Is No Bed Of Roses

You are living on fictional books if you say that real love has no pain, that it should be perfect and no rainy days. Real relationships go through storms and rough roads, it is common and also a crucial part of every relationship that you should get used of but always ready to fight for. When your partner chooses to shut his mouth and fix things and just play chill; the boat won’t sink, but you’ll die burdened on that voyage. When you enter a relationship, you bind yourself to everything that has something to do with the both of you; and it include all the misunderstanding and the roller coaster ride of emotions. You have to face those together, when he doesn’t give an effort on trying to make things work for the both of you, then he is not worth the risk; you’ll end up paddling the boat while he tries to stare at you getting all sweat up and trying.


“I’d rather have bad times together than to have it easy apart; I’d rather have the one who holds my heart” – Brian Mcknight


Perfecting The Guilt Trip

Loving is giving all you could give without asking any return (except for love itself), when he buys you things then takes that as a weapon for blackmail, you should burn that ship down and run away! You are not loved; you are being slaved by someone who could turn stories upside down. When everything he gives you needs something in return, then you should be ready to fulfill his to do lists.


Love would never ask anything in return, for it doesn’t speak; it just loves.


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