Coatings – An Explanation of abbreviations, and usage

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Coatings – An Explanation of abbreviations, and usage

TBC/”Ceramic”™ A ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating for engine parts also called “Ceramic Coating”. Applied about .002” thick.

Gold Coat™ This Ceramic Thermal Barrier designed specifically for pistons in extreme environments such as nitrous, turbo, and superchargers. About .003” thick.

White Lightning™ (TBC/”Ceramic”-EX) – A ceramic thermal barrier primarily used on the outside of exhaust parts. Applied approximately .015” thick. Coolkrome (headers and exhaust pipes) and Coolblack (thermal barrier coating/headers and exhaust pipes) are also available when loos are just as important as performance.

PC-9™ Extremely durable lubricating coating for piston skirts, gears and other parts. About .0008” thick when applied to piston skirts. Can be used to tighten clearance by adding up to .004” on some piston skirts.

PM or Poly Moly™ Lubricating coating for low rpm motors such as diesel piston skirts. About .0008” thick when applied to skirts.

PPM or Peko Poly Moly™ – is a “High load”, thin, low friction coating.

BBE™ – is a Black Body Emitter, Heat radiating coating to dissipate heat and Heat Transmitting Coatings (Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Transmission Coolers, A/C exchangers too).

Flow Coat™ – Non-wetable, low friction coating.

Teflon® – DuPont’s original low friction coating.

Chromium Nitride is a black, low friction coating for valves.

Dry Film is a low friction coating for (bearings, piston skirts)

Corrosion Resistance Dry Film is a protective coating for (Aluminum housings, Transmission cases, Transfer cases, etc.).

Manganese Phosphate is a protective coating for (for Gears and Shafts).

“D”/Diamond like Composite is a hard protective coating for (Lifters and valves).

WPC® The “WPC” Process is a Friction Reducing, Metal Strengthening, treatment of the metal surface.

2-Stroke engines can really benifit from low friction coatings.

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