5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided

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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided

If you are wondering where you could find a wide population of consumers from different ages and preference, there would only one place to find them; ONLINE. The rampant use of social media gave rise to successful online marketing, sellers and advertisers could filter millions of prospects using popular sites.

Though there are already uncountable of successful stories that are fruit of Online Marketing, there are still numerous counts of business aspirants whose strategy didn’t work out well, what did they do wrong?

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes Social Media Marketers commit and should be avoided:

Being Clueless

When making a Marketing Plan, it is not enough that you write “Create a Social Media Account” because it is not just creating an account. You should know what to do after successfully registering on a certain social media site. What is your goal why you needed to enter Online Marketing?, one reason why some failed because they tried a new Marketing Strategy without any plan at all.

There are thousands of competitors online, if you won’t have the perseverance to get noticed every day, people might not remember you or even worst recognize you at all. Make sure to use this opportunity very well, keep your consumers updated of your product and services. Keep your posting catchy and memorable.


Not Getting Your Links Connected

You have a Facebook account with many followers, but your twitter account cuts short, Why? It is important that you link your social medias together, you might have some followers who’d prefer spending most of their spare time on their sites but because they were not aware that you existed on that social media site, you might not get in touch of that consumer often.

Your aim on entering the online world is to gather as much client as you can and to keep them reminded of your offers. Stay active and let them see you in all social medias if possible.

Too Dull To Notice

Online sites are getting innovated, but why can’t you?  Some netizens doesn’t have the time reading a long post of letters that requires them to read without any visuals to look at. Take time and exert some effort attaching photos or videos related to your business. It would be easier to get your consumer’s attention if you present your business in a way that would interest them; you wouldn’t want to give them a dull perception about your company.

Got Nothing More To Say?

Don’t act like a robotic recorder; stop posting the same thing in a short period of time. It is true that you should keep your presence active but not in a way that would irritate those who are following you. Give your clients something new to get interested in, if you are presenting the same products, make sure to make different versions of images or videos so your consumers won’t get tired of seeing the same thing several times a day – gather customers, not to annoy and lose them.

Being Insensitive Brings You Nowhere

Customer Service should not be limitedly offered on your office alone, by bringing your presence online, your consumers believe that they would be enjoying the same service you offer them personally. Interact with your clients and make them feel appreciated and valued; answer inquiries, reply and take action regarding their concerns, and if possible mention them if they post something good regarding your company.