2-Wheels: Honda Ruckus

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2-Wheels: Honda Ruckus

honda ruckusThis is the new 2013 RED HEAD, by DPR RACING. It is designed to take advantage of larger carb, pipe, and camshafts. DPR’s Mach 2 camshaft is now available. It’s steeper ramp profile leads the field in performance cams. Light weight rockers, retainers and a spring shim kit should be included for best results. It works great on standard bores and even better on large bores. See some of DPR’s work here at MotoIQ: Project Ruckus @ MotoIQ

What We Do

Ported and polished ALL the way through the intake and exhaust ports for maximum air flow and port velocity. We correct the miss-made aftermarket intake manifold that is tapered on the outside instead of the inside. We correct the manifold by adding a high speed velocity port. Combined with a diamond finish, they improve fuel atomization, increase throttle response, torque and horse power.

Valve seats are enlarged and machined to proprietary multi angle and mirror polished. For the highest quality valve job, valves are available in modified standard, stainless or even titanium. We can also back-cut and shape the valve, and modify the valve stem shape. Doing this creates 11% more valve area.

Head is internally and externally polished. A baked finish is then applied to reduce temperatures and add that sleek showcase look – Silver State Classic Challenge

Dan Paramore has over 40 years experience in the high performance engine engineering. He has supported and/or built over 30 “Worlds fastest and quickest” cars in drag racing. He has also built engines for road race, off-road, land speed, hill climb, cross country, ice speedway, autocross, ½ mile, motocross and now scooters.

After Dan’s engines out performed Factory Honda Racing, he was then asked to work with Honda on various projects that resulted in literally thousands of Honda victories. He was then flown to Japan, supported factory racing team, and taught porting skills. Dan also received awards from the Motorcycle federation in Japan. If it has an engine, Dan has the knowledge to make it better!

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