Gambling in the Current Day

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Gambling in the Current Day

Given the current climate, where wages aren’t matching living costs and many businesses face closure due to high rent and poor profits, it’s no surprise that people are looking elsewhere to get more funds. On the back of this, countries have seen a huge rise in gambling, with the bulk of it occurring online.Discover more here about this issue and learn more about online casino sites.Anyway, we all want to know what is the state of gambling and where is it heading?

In 2017, the Guardian claimed that 2 million people were at risk of ‘problem gambling’ in the UK and this figure was on the rise. You can find the different UK casino sites these people would play at Spinathon. Problem gambling has been defined by the royal college of psychiatrists as ‘gambling that disrupts or damages personal, family or recreational pursuits.’ The most common age groups who seem to be affected by this are men, teenagers and young adults and even children from the age of 7 who are exposed to online gambling.

The UK Government, like many other countries including America and Slovakia, are implementing measures to crack down on the issue. In May 2018, they introduced a new law that saw the maximum bet able to be placed on a fixed odd betting terminal will be £2. Figures show that nearly 14% of people who use these machines fall into the area of problem gamblers, so these new measures are aimed to reduce this number. TV adverts will also be looked at, and the focus will be on getting them to promote responsible gambling. However, the law does not apply to online casinos where bets can be placed from anything as low as 1p up to £500.

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Most gambling now happens online, with a staggering 50% of all gambling being done on the web according to Gamble Aware. This ties in with the rise of smarter technologies with increased availability; most people now would prefer to play games from their comfort of their own sofa and place a bet online in seconds rather than head down to betting shops.

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And it’s advertising that seems to be a major culprit. With smarter technologies and more exposure, it’s not hard for business to crank out adverts promoting their latest game that will award a £2000 jackpot. Whilst it will appeal to most, the age group of 18-24 year olds are the most vulnerable to this sort of advertising. It’s a risky, adrenaline-pulsing venture to them and for many, seems like a quick way to gain some extra cash. With adverts making gambling look rewarding, ‘cool’ and exciting, it seems like the best option for many.

The government’s new measures are only very recent, so it is yet to be seen whether the regulations will have an impact on gambling in the UK. Even so, it is now a very prominent issue for the government, who are looking to impose more rules to protect its citizens, including increasing the age of those who can buy lottery tickets. But whether they can battle with the current economical climate, only time will tell.