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Intake Ports Exhaust Ports Toyota Eagle GTP

Picture(s) 1, 2, 3

Toyota Eagle #98 Front Suspension Rear Suspension

Picture(s) 4, 5, 6

Rear End Spacious Interior Toyota Eagle GTP

Picture(s) 7, 8, 9

The Cockpit Air Ducting Front Ducting

Picture(s) 10, 11, 12

Inside View Drivers Seat Practice Laps

Picture(s) 13, 14, 15

Ruddick Team Dan, Rene, Yuri Dan and Rene in GP Car

Picture(s) 16, 17, 18

Formula Ford Ellsworth's Honda Dan and Ivan Stewart

Picture(s) 19, 20, 21

Lexus SC300 Street/Strip The Lexus Motor

Picture(s) 22, 23, 24

Getting Strapped in Race Girls Extreem Boost

Picture(s) 25, 26, 27

The Engine Cylinder Head Nice Engine

Picture(s) 28, 29, 30

Mystery Car Returns GTP Car Door Eagle Mk III Info

Picture(s) 31, 32, 33

Rear Wing Dan, Jack, Erick Retired to Museum

Picture(s) 34, 35, 36

The Front Museum Peice Offroad Trucks

Picture(s) 37, 38, 39

Ivan's Toyota Truck Front end

Picture(s) 40, 41


(Pics 1-15) With so many Toyota projects going on we are celebrating Toyota month. DPR has been actively involved in both the professional Toyota racing arena as well as the modified street racers. Dan Paramore’s Toyota days go back before many import enthusiast were even born. The Toyota Grand Prix Race is held yearly, and is just 15 minutes from DPR Corporate Headquarters , our "Ruddick" class 7 Toyota Truck is leading the championship, and DPR is a major sponsor of the Big MR2 event in Vegas. Keep an eye on the Toyota page and watch it grow this month. There are close ups of the renowned TRD, GTP series race car for which Dan Paramore has ported close to 300 cylinder heads.

(Pics 16) Last week, Steve Ruddick's Class 7, street driven, truck takes the championship lead. Congratulations! Standing from left to right: Brian, Andy, and Dan (the short guy).

(Pics 17) Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix. Dan, Rene, and Yuri... "Come On Out!" It's Fun!

(Pics 18-19) Mr. and Mrs. Strong, a husband and wife team, race with a DPR complete Formula Atlantic engine. Keep posted for updates on the Strong's season stats. (SECRET...husband crashes, and wife wins!)

(Pics 20) Oops… Steve Ellsworth’s Honda sneaks in… Honda road racers display at last years Grand Prix race. Word has it Steve has been winning even more than last year. We’ll have updates in someday soon.

(Pics 21) Toyota’s infamous, Ivan “Iron Man” Stuart getting, ready for another show. Dan has ported nearly 180 cylinder heads for the desert and stadium racing legend (once again… Dan is the little guy).

(Pics 22-23) Just had to put this one in! A Toyota/Lexus SC 300 coupe with a five speed manual transmission, various DPR mods, and a Nitrous Express unit. Dan raced it in autocross event and at the Big track at Buttonwillow and won. A street car yes, but babied? Heck No!!

(Pics 24) Oh what a feeling! Six in a row to go GO GO! DPR engine building.

(Pics 25) Watching a race is fun, but you can’t beat being behind the wheel. Rene Paramore helps strap Dad in.

(Pics 26) Racing is so much fun Uncle Dan. Thanks for bringing me out! 14 year old Kasey’s souvenir.

(Pics 27-30) Jeffrey of Extreme Boost heads to Las Vegas to compete with the competition. He’s headed all the way from North East Canada to play for a few days. First time out on the track, we’re gonna shake it down and have some fun!

(Pic 31) Many things come and go. Rumor has it the school bus yellow feature car is back. Stay tuned

(Pics 32-38) Close ups of the renowned TRD, Toyota Eagle Mk III, #98 and #99 ,GTP series race car, now retired, and on display at the Toyota Museum, in Torrance, California.

(Pics 39-41) Toyota’s infamous, racing legend, Ivan “Iron Man” Stuart Offroad racing, and Stadium Racing trucks, now retired to the Toyota Museum, with the Trophys they won.

(Pics 3-4,15, 33-37) O.K. Some of you are going to ask, why does the Toyota Eagle Mk III sport the number "98" on the sides, and the number "99" on the hood and rear spoiler/wing? The answer, for the moment is, We don't exactly know, but suspect the interchangable body parts, were placed on the WRONG car, when it was sent from active duty, to the Toyota race car museum.....(We have "insiders" over at Toyota, and we'll try to find out the real story...)

I have been told that the Toyota Eagle Mk III produces SO MUCH ground effect down force at 100mph, it could drive UPSIDE DOWN, sticking to the roof of a tunnel, if it could get up there! (over 2000lbs down force!)

Watch the Prototype Toyota Eagle Mk III #98 run practice laps...

Watch a Toyota commercial showing the Eagle Mk III #99 in action...

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