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Intake or Exhaust Manifold Porting (Our ported exhaust VS. Aftermarket)
Throttle Body Port Match
Cylinder Head Gasket Match (1 inch)
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)
Full Runner Port & Polish
Plenum Port & Polish
Starting at $240.00 USD (Labor Only)

Read a document written by Dan Paramore, on WHY intake manifold port matching is so important... [Read more...]

Turbo & Supercharger Porting
Gasket or Step Match
Competition Port & Polish (IN & EX)
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)

MISC. Housings, Elbows, & Pipes
Gasket or Step Match
Competion Port when applicable
Inlcudes O2 housings, TB Elbows, Up Pipes, Down Pipes, Intercoolers & Piping, etc.
Starting at $25.00 USD (Labor Only)
* Price Varies with size, material, & type of application

Throttle Body Modifications
Complete Teardown and Clean
Knife Edge Throttle Plate
Knife Edge Throttle Arm
Tappered Port & Polished Inlet
Complete Reassembly and TPS Reset
Starting at $150.00 USD (Labor Only)

Lightened Rocker Arms
Detailed Wear Inspection
9 Grams Lighter than Standard Rocker Arms
Ground for Maximum Weight Savings at all lift levels
Available for Honda / Acura
Includes B16A B17A B18C H22A VTEC Forged Pistonss
Starting at $290.00 USD (Labor Only)
Competition Includes:
10 Grams Lighter than Standard Rocker Arms
Balancing to .25 Grams Available
Competiton Set Starting at $490.00 USD (Labor Only)

Piston Polishing
Detailed Inspection
Polished to Remove Potential Hot Spots
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)

For information on applications and time frame please contact customerservice@dprracing.com with details about your specific application. You can purchase Accessory Porting by sending payments to Our PayPal "customerservice@dprracing.com", using the convenient link.

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