DPR Racing - Toyota MR2 "EXTREEM"




Forged Pistons :
3SGTE Short Block with Custom Darton Ductile Iron Sleves.
Custom Clevite Main, Rod, & Thrust Bearings Kit
Custom JE 8.5:1, 86mm Stock Bore Pistons
Custom JE Anti-Detonation Rings
Crower Billet 4340 Steel Rod Set
HKS 1.0mm Head Gasket
ARP Head Studs
ARP Main Studs
ARP Flywheel Bolts
GFB Light Weight Aluminum Crank & Alternator Pully
DPR Cylinder Head
Porting, Polishing, Valve Work, & Chamber Work by Dan Paramore Racing Heads
HKS 272 Intake & 272 Exhaust Cams
HKS Cam Gears
"Shimless Bucket" Conversion
Ferrea Stainless Steel, Stock Size Intake & Exhaust Valves
All Ceramic Coating Work by SWAIN Technologies.
Custom Titanium Retainer Set
HKS 85lb Valve Spring Set

Misc. Modifications :
DRT Custom Aluminum Intake Manifold with Velocity Stacks & Secondary Fuel Rail
Custom 74mm Mustang Throttle Body Mounted on the DRT Manifold
Custom TVIS Plate * Single Entry *
Custom "Hard Mounted" Forged Pistons Mounts
Custom JIC Coolant System
Custom Oil Cooler & Filter Re-locater kit (-12 AN AeroQuip High Performance Lines)
Custom Forged Pistons Lid Shroud With Dual 10" Spal Fans & Hydraulic Prop Rod<

Drivetrain :
Clutch Masters Twin Disc Kit (Total Kit Weight "Plate, Discs, & Flywheel" 16lb's)
Twin Copper Metallic Disc's
Kaaz 1.5 Way LSD
92' OEM Rebuilt Tranny
93' OEM Axels Set
Garage SPL Over-sized Axel CV Joints
Weld 8x15 ProStar Alluminum Drag Rims (Track Use)
Mikey Thompson 10"x15"x26" Drag Slicks (Track Use)

P/N 05030-FI 4 Cylinder Direct Port System

Interior :
AutoPower 4 Point Roll Bar
Momo Race 320mm Steering Wheel
Momo Carbon Fiber Shifter
Momo Pedals
Apex'i AVC-R Boost Controller (AshTray)
Apex'i 60mm EGT Gauge (On Pillar)
Apex'i 60mm Boost Gauge (On Pillar)
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 52mm Water Temp Gauge (Din Panel)
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 52mm Oil Temp Gauge (Din Panel)
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge (Din Panel)
Kenwood Single Din Deck

Fuel System :
SX EFI Carbureted InLine Pump 0-90 PSI
SX 35-90 PSI Dual Inlet Fuel Pressure Regulator
SX InLine Fuel Filter
-10 AN Stainless Steel Fuel Lines (From Tank to Pump)
-10 AN Stainless Steel Fuel Lines (From Pump To Fuel Rail Splitter)
-06 AN Stainless Steel Fuel Lines (From Splitter to Both Rails)
-06 AN Stainless Steel Fuel Lines (From Rails to Regulator)
-06 AN Stainless Steel Fuel Lines (From Regulator Back to Tank)
2 OEM Fuel Rails with DFFR Modification.
4 OEM 440cc MR2 Primary Injectors
4 OEM 550cc Supra Secondary Injectors

Ignition & EFI :
Autronic SM2 ECU with Autotune Chip
Autronic Wide Band A/F Analyzer With Bosch Wide Band Sensor
MSD 7AL-2 Ignition Box
MSD Blaster HVC Coil
MSD Tach Adapter
MSD Hyper Conductor 8.5mm Wires
NGK R5671A-8 Plugs

Turbo & Intercooler :
Custom Tubular 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
Custom 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
5"x 9" K&N Intake Filter (4" Inlet)
Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT35R Ballistic Turbo (60lb/min)
(.82 A/R Turbine Housing, 84 Trim Turbine Wheel)
(.70 A/R Compressor Housings, 56 Trim Wheel)
-08 AN Coolant Lines
(AeroQuip Stainless Steel Lines, and High Performance Fittings)
-04 AN Oil Feed Line
(AeroQuip Stainless Steel Lines, and High Performance Fittings)
-12 AN Oil Drain Line
(AeroQuip Stainless Steel Lines, and High Performance Fittings)
Custom Oil Feed And Oil Pan Return Fittings
HKS 60mm Waste Gate 2.5" Inlet, 2.5" Outlet to Atmosphere (Screamer)
Spearco Dual Core Air/Water Intercooler System
Jabsco Centri-Puppy Water Pump
Custom 15"x13" Front Mount Radiator
3 Gallon Aluminum Water Reserve Cell
Aero, Cam Sprocketss,

Accessories, & Camshafts :
Custom "One-Off" Apex'i Drag Racing Coil Over Kit
Racing Hart 17" Type C Tracer Rims (8.5" Front, 9.5" Rear)
Bridgestone Potenza S02 Tires
(215/40/17 Front, 255/40/17 Rear)
92' OEM Cam Sprockets Sizes with PowerSlot Rotors
Endless CCX "Zeal" Cam Sprockets Pads
Border FiberGlass Front Bumper
Border Carbon Fiber Hood
Tom's FiberGlass Rear Bumper
Greddy Polyurethane Side Skirts
95 Rear Tail Lights
JDM Clear Corner Lights

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