On January 16th, 2000 the first VTEC.net dyno day was sponsored by DPR racing development. Over a dozen enthusiast brought out their Honda and Acura automobiles, some stock, most whether or not they could squeeze out a little more. The cars also attracted a crowd of spectators, filling the parking lot to capacity and overflowing to the streets and adjoining lots. Providing the dyno, the parking lot and so much more were Dan Paramore and the staff of DPR Racing Development. When the editors of VTEC.net first discussed the idea of holding a dyno day, it became immediately apparent that not just any shop would do when it came to hosting the event. A clean shop, professional staff and lots of experience with Honda/Acura automobiles were a must. With these criteria in mind, it didn't take long before the editors found themselves at DPR's doorstep and they were not disappointed. DPR Racing Development was immediately receptive to the concept and took the idea and ran with it. From the time the deal was done, the folks at DPR worked hard to make sure everyone had a good time. They provided free coffee and donuts for everyone, free pizza and sodas for lunch, raffle prizes, goodies and some industry experts to share some knowledge with attendees. A public relations manager from Honda Motor Corporation was on hand and fuel expert Tim Wusz from 76 Racing Fuels gave a lunchtime lecture on the properties and applications of high performance racing fuel. Representatives (read officers) from the Carson Sheriff's department and the LAPD even stopped by to check out the action and answer a few questions from attendees. The event was the first of its kind, but according to the representatives from both VTEC.net and DPR, it will not be the last. Dan Paramore said, "We were really excited to host this event. It was good to see everyone having fun and we really enjoyed the chance to help these enthusiasts separate hype from reality while learning about performance. We will definitely be doing this again." Speaking for VTEC.net, editor Jeff Palmer said, "DPR's professionalism and their dedication to making the event a success was outstanding. They really went above and beyond in providing everything we could possibly need. I'd like to see this event become a regular occurrence." Both individuals also expressed thanks to redline Oil, 76 Racing Fuels and Weld Wheels for providing raffle prizes for the event.

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