What makes Ray think his Valkyrie is so fast? For starters, the engine sports a sexy La Monster Supercharger System featuring a reliable Magnacharger supercharger. While that may sound powerful, the trick internals of the Varlkyrie are where the real magic takes place. Dan Paramore, a headflow guru in California, whipped up one of his Stage 6 heads for Bonnevalk by modifying and reshaping the combustion chamger to increase quench area. Then he ported and polished everything before slipping in some ceramic coated valves. The results were a 20 percent increase in intake flow and 30 percent increase on the exhaust side. Ray even flew Paramore to Nashville so he could cut and polish the pistons. Once the heads were finished, Paramore focused his grinding skills on the Supercharger's manifold to increase its flow capabilities to match the new heads. To safeguard the engine when running under full boost the compression ratio dropped to 9.1:1. The valve springs were shimmed to make them close snappier. Bumping those valves were a set of cams ground to Paramore's specs. Cam timing was also altered to close the exhaust valve a bit earlier so that the blower could cram as much of the fuel charge into the cylinders as possible. To handle the power, a Barnett clutch replaced the stocker. Paramore and Ray rigged a double diaphram clutch spring tomake sure the plates didn't slip. Tuesday began with a slow start. None of the team realized that a two hour plus wait for each run was in order. Lucky teams get three runs in a day. Paramore needed his two licensing passes before he could attempt a qualifying run. Ray also wanted to see how the Valkyrie's jetting was working at the 4200 ft altitude. So, Paramore's first pass was a mere 117 mph. A jetting change and a little more throttle netted Bonnevalk 147 mph. Paramore earned his license, and the team resolved to hit the ground running on Wednesday. Day three began with yet another jetting change and a valve-clearance check. Although the carb was still running a bit lean, the supercharged engine had yet to hiccup and BonneValk still hadn't run at full throttle on the salt! After seeing how slow everything progresses, Ray and Paramore revised their goal to setting only two records for the week; the first with gas and the second with nitrous. By the end of the week, despite the setbacks, team BonneValk was still able to walk away with a record. At an average speed of 153.956 Ray has the privilege to say he has the worlds fastest Valkyrie. But Ray and Paramore are planning for another attempt at the record. Dual carburetors will address the jetting issues while better streamlining and narrower bars will help Bonnevalk push less air. They're already dreaming of the magic 200 mph.

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